Engine Lubrication

As mentioned earlier you should always use a good grade of oil in your Cushman motor to get its top performance. Keeping that in mind, check the oil level frequently to make sure the oil shows between the two marks representing full and low on the dip stick.

It is also recommended to check the crankcase oil level each 10 hours of operation. After 500 miles traveled, 50 hours of operation or 3 months have passed, whichever occurs first, you should drain the crankcase oil and refil with a good grade of motor oil. If it has not been three months since the last oil change you can extend the miles traveled to 1,000 or 100 hours of operation.

On the Model 218 the oil filter should be replaced every 2,000 miles or 200 hours, whichever occurs first.

To remove the oil filter use an oil filter strap wrench, but DO NOT use a wrench when replacing the filter, use had pressure only. When replacing the filter, oil the rubber seal and screw element on until the seal contacts the crankcase, then tighten 1/2 turn more.


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