Spark Plugs and Point Setting

Cushman Truckster

Get Parts for Your Cushman Truckster

If your Cushman Truckster is hard to start it could be from worn or improperly adjusted spark plugs. The spark plugs should be cleaned frequently. Adjust the gap to .025. If you are replacing the spark plugs on your Cushman Truckster be sure to get the appropriate type.


The breaker point setting should only be adjusted as I will describe. At no time should the fixed contact be loosened or the breaker arm bent to provide adjustment.

Remove the timer cover, and rotate the engine until the points are fully open. Using a feeler guage, measure the breaker point gap. Points must be set at .020. If points need adjusting, loosen the breaker plate screw and move the adjusting screw until the proper adjustment is reached. Tighten breaker plate screw and recheck point gap.

Replace timer cover.

The moving contact is an intergral part of the breaker group and cannot be replaced separately. If either contact point need replaced, it is recommended that both the fixed and the movable points be replaced at the same time.

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