Used Cushman Parts for Truckster Haulster

It’s hard to find replacement parts for the older Cushman Truckster and Haulster. I have a large selection of body parts and motor parts for the M109 and M218 motors for the Cushman Truckster and Haulster.

If you are looking for something to fit your Truckster or Haulster check out my ebay store Cushmans N More. You can find a wide variety of used Cushman parts.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in my ebay store just send a post telling me what you are looking for and I’ll get back to you.

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2 Responses to Used Cushman Parts for Truckster Haulster

  1. michael walter says:

    I have a cushman 898461 three wheeled flatbed off road and i am looking for misc parts. one part is the brake lines. The unit has sat without fluid in lines for about 5 years and im afraid they’re rusty inside and would like to replace them. Do you have some or know where i can get some? im replaceing the master cyl. with a new one that i purchased online. ive already put new carb on it and runs great. ive owned and used this one for about 18 years except for the last 5.

    • Keith says:

      Sorry I don’t have any used brake lines. Direct Parts on line or ebay would be a good place to check for brake lines. You can check my ebay store “Cushmans N More” for various parts or just give me a call if you have something specific you need. Keith 417-399-3590

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