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Cushman Trucksters are a light weight utility vehicle that have been a part of Americana for many years. Many companies used these vehicles because of their reliability and dependability. Trucksters are being brought back to their glory by many Cushman enthusiasts.

Today people are restoring Cushman Trucksters and bringing back a little nastalga with them. Once you have that baby looking the way you want, keep the engine purring with a little engine maintenance.


  1. Clean and gap or replace spark plugs.
  2. Clean and adjust or replace breaker points.
  3. Check tappet clearance, adjust if necessary.
  4. Check compression.
  5. Adjust carburetor.
  6. Run Rislone or equivalent through carburetor to remove carbon and avoid sticking valves. Only a small quantity used slowly is required.
  7. Check starter brushes, replace if necessary.
  8. Check for frayed or damaged wiring.
  9. Check air cleaner. Polyurethane elements used in some M218 engines can be cleaned, paper cartridges must be replaced when dirty or leaking.


If you follow some good general maintenance guidelines you will be able to enjoy many hours of reliable performance from your Cushman Truckster while you will also keep your operating expenses low.

Be sure to use only a good quality grade of gasoline and oil. Cheap low grade lubricants and gas will shorten the life of your Truckster engine. In the long run fewer repairs will lower your operating costs over time.

A clean engine is a happy engine. When dirt accumulates on the engine use a good solvent to clean the engine while servicing to maintain cool and efficient operation.

Set up a regular check-up schedule for your Cushman Truckster just as you would for any automobile you drive regularly. If you are not keeping track of miles or hours, you can set you maintenance on a monthly schedule. How often you use your Truckster will determine the frequency of scheduled check-ups.

Proper maintenance will prolong the engine’s life, increase reliability,¬†and avoid undue overhaul.


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